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• 9/5/2013

Admins needed.

I've been away from the game and the wiki for a while. Apparently alot has changed, as well it should. I know it's expected. Is there anyone that plays often and would like to make this site better by being admin and helpin out around here?
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• 7/21/2013

Rankings & Daily Quests

Last Thursday (7/18/13) this was posted on the Dark Rebirth Facebook Page :
"Two new features were implemented in today's update!
The first is Weekly, Monthly, and Overall Battle Rankings based on Honor Points you earn from Battles.
The second is DAILY QUESTS! Daily Quests offer different rewards such as Skilled Monsters, large amounts of Gold, etc. depending on the day of the week. These Quests are randomly generated, so you'll have a new experience each time you challenge one!"
Personally I like both updates. What about you?
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• 7/20/2013

Welcome to the Dark Rebirth Forum

Please take a moment to register! Please contact me if you would like to join the admin team and help with this wiki!
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