The Passage to Hades is a secret Quest area that appears during random times. It is a timed quest and closes 1 hour after opening. This quest area is the only place to get leveling souls without achievements.

Monster AppearancesEdit

The following appear in the Passage of Hades and in their displayed difficulties.

Name of Soul Appears in...
Soul of Wisdom Passage to Hades- Easy, Passage to Hades-Midlevel,
Passage to Hades-Hard
Soul of Wisdom+ Passage to Hades-Easy, Passage to Hades- Midlevel,
Passage to Hades-Hard
Soul of Enlightenment Passage to Hades-Hard
Soul of Enlightenment+ Passage to Hades-Hard

Special ChestsEdit

The Passage to Hades have special chests that award different loot than normal, except for the easy stage.

Difficulty Chest Reward
Passage to Hades-Easy Randomized Gold amount
Passage to Hades- Midlevel Soul of Wisdom
Passage To Hades- Hard Soul of Wisdom+

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